Landing Nets

Landing Nets

As with most forms of fishing, choosing a suitable landing net for fly fishing will greatly improve your fishing and thus your day out.
As a general rule, the smaller and closer the fish is when you want to net it, the smaller, shorter and lighter the trout landing net can be.
As your target species gets bigger and for whatever reason if you can’t get too close, both the Head/net and the Handle needs to get bigger/longer too.
At some point, your fly fishing will bound to get more nomadic and so whatever the trout landing net, some means of attachment to your person is always desirable.

Scoop Nets - such as the Lureflash, Ron Thompson, Airflo and Wychwood scoop nets are ideal when wading in  rivers and streams where small-medium Brownies & Grayling are the target species.

Folding or Telescopic Nets – with extendable handles & folding heads are the most suitable for general bank fishing on larger rivers and stillwaters when fishing for stocked Rainbows.
The Shakespeare Agility, Maver Tele, Greys GX, Folding Game, Sigma & Wychwood models are all popular trout landing nets.
If you tend to ‘walk and stalk’ your quarry, the Wychwood Rover and a good quality Net Retainer is a good idea!

Boat Nets normally designed for Stillwater rainbows, etc., usually have fixed-length handles and larger Heads for easier control and landing when sitting down whilst Loch-Style Boat fishing.

Gye Nets – are essentially intended for Salmon, Sea Trout and Pike fly fishing.  They typically have stronger handles, heavier-duty heads and stronger mesh nets to cope with the bigger fish.
The Big Catch & Wychwood Gye nets are excellent.

Landing Nets
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