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Fly Fishing Luggage and Nets

Up until fairly recently, the category of ‘fly fishing bags’ was pretty well dominated by just a few shoulder-type bags made from water-proofed canvas, leather straps and brass buckles. River fly anglers often used a wicker creel. Nowadays, modern materials and mass production has produced a huge variety of fly fishing bags each one seemingly trying to include more pockets, pouches and zips than all the others.

So much so, there are now sub-categories such as:

Reel Bags & Cases : dedicated to holding and protecting fly reels ranging from single reel pouches to larger, multi-compartment cases and bags which will hold many reels, spools and leaders, etc.The Greys Reel Case and the Wychwood Reel Bag are two of the most popular.

Carryalls & Rucksacks : the original canvas & leather game bags are still popular and have also been re-invented in a huge range of ergonomic, multi-compartment fly fishing bags in all shapes, colours and styles, not to mention varying degrees of padding and water-proofness! The Agility & Hardwear bags maintain that traditional game bag look. The Cobra, Regent & Viper bags are hugely popular modern budget bags, so too are the Ontario, Daiwa Game & Snowbee bags The Scierra Kenai, Wychwood and Orvis Safe Passage fly fishing bags are superbly designed and built with modern waterproof & breathable material to keep all you gear safe and dry. Some bags now include stowage for multi-piece travel rods as an All-in-One fly fishing luggage solution.

Rod Tubes & Cases : dedicated to keep your fly fishing rods safe & sound, many rod tubes such as the Orvis and Wychwood models now have integral reel pouches.

Bass Bags : Put your dead fish in the mesh bag, dunk it in the water AND THEN PUT IT IN THE SHADE ON THE BANK. The slow process of evaporation then keeps the fish cool and fresh.