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Fly Fishing Reels

Nowadays, there is a bewildering choice of Fly Fishing Reels and modern fly reels are now much more than the simple early fly reels, which were just intended as a convenient means of transporting the fly line to and from the water.

Improvements in materials, technology and engineering have produced different fly reels for different fish species, tactics and locations, not to mention the whims and desires of fly fishermen! They are described as either ‘Mid-Arbour’ or the larger diameter models being referred to as ‘Large Arbour’ fly reels.  Some come with one spool, some are ‘Cassette’ reels which come with numerous spools so you can have a large range of different fly lines without having to buy loads of reels.

Standard Fly Reels – which usually employ a simple ‘click-check’ braking system to prevent any excessive over-run causing tangles are still adequate for a lot of fly fishing.  Smaller fish can be landed by simple ‘hand-lining’ with no real use of the reel.  If needs be, the tension of the line when playing a fish can be further controlled by the fisherman’s finger pressure on the spool rim.

Fly Reels with a Drag – a Drag does the same as a brake on a car wheel, it is adjusted by a small ‘dial’.  A drum or two discs can be tightened together which then controls the speed of the spool which in turn, controls the tension and speed of the line that a fish can pull off the reel when being played.
The simple Drag Systems on budget fly reels are perfectly adequate for most medium sized fish.

Greys fly reels contain a super range of lightweight Alloy fly reels which are ideal for lighter rods & tactics such as river fishing and small to medium size trout fishing lakes.

Lighter, better & stronger are the order of the day in more extreme locations and fish and here, and Greys, Orvis, Loop, Scierra and Wychwood all supply quality Disc Drag fly reels in high-grade alloys with more sophisticated Drag Systems which will cope with both the conditions and the fish!

We stock a very wide range of fly reels for many different fly fishing species and tactics.
As well as single fly reels, we also list many special fly reel offers as well as special ‘bundle’ deals with fly lines ready installed on the reels.
We have pre-installed loads of different fly lines onto some of the best branded fly reels for sale, including Greys, Orvis, Wychwood, Okuma, Snowbee and Cortland.

River and stream fly fishers often use one fly reel for each rod they have and we can install specific fly lines onto any of the fly reels we have for sale.
Suitable fly reels for river and stream fishing are the Orvis Clearwater, Battenkill and Hydros.
The Scierra TX1, Orbit SRX are also superb fly reels for sale in this category, which also includes the hugely popular Greys GTS800 and GTS900 fly reels which are NEW for 2017.

Cassette Fly Reels – are supplied with multiple quick-change spools and some of our most popular ‘loaded’ fly reel bundles are for multi-line deals where different fly lines such as Floating, Intermediate and Sinking fly lines are installed onto the spools of Cassette fly reels.
Typical examples are the Orvis Clearwater Cassette Reel, the Cortland Classic Cassette Reel, the Cobra Multiplier Reel, the Wychwood Truefly SLA Cassette Reel, the Greys GTS500 and GTS700 Cassette Reels, with the Sonik SK3 Cassette Reel and the Mamba Cassette Reel.