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Rio Fly Lines

Jim and Kitty Vincent founded RIO in 1990 in the mountains of Idaho. Their simple premise was that exceptional fly fishing products should be built by anglers for anglers. More than twenty-five years later, they are still in Idaho and still making exceptional RIO Fly Lines, which are now some of the most renowned and sought after, first-choice fly lines in the world.

Their choice of and continual R&D with the very latest high-tech materials and coatings and the seemingly magical way they are combined puts RIO fly lines out and up there with the very best.
The outstanding profiles of many of RIO’s fly lines are invented, refined and honed by RIO who work with some of the world’s most dedicated and successful game fishermen who know what works.
RIO then work their magic and hey presto! You and I get to catch more fish!

RIO’s ‘Twin-Colour’ fly lines were among the first to help anglers both ‘see’ and thus understand how the correct amount of fly line beyond your rod tip will revolutionise your casting.
Their renowned ‘AgentX’ Technology bonding two separate coating layers onto one creates both super-slick casting speed and extended durability. RIO's latest Easy ID line marking system which allows you to know just how much sinking line you have out there is just another example of RIO’s continual fly line development.

RIO Gold Floating Fly Lines are super all-round WF fly lines that combine a long back taper with a shorter head, twin-colour and RIO’s MaxCast Technology that all allows longer casting and superb presentation.

The single strand monofilament core RIO Midge Tip Fly Line was conceived & tested by some of the top Stillwater anglers in the U.S, UK and Canada. It is a Yellow floating line with a 1m Clear Intermediate Tip, which slowly sinks sub-surface to reduce retrieval wake and is perfect for nymphing and fishing emergers and buzzers.

RIO’s range of Powerflex Copolymer Tippet line on 30yd & 100yd Spools and Powerflex Copolymer Tapered Leaders in both Trout and Steelhead/Salmon strengths are among the best leaders available to connect fly line and fly.

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