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Cortland Fly Lines

Cortland has been making fly lines since the 1930s and their fly lines are widely regarded as being amongst the best in the world. So much so that in 2000, the UK’s popular Trout Fisherman magazine awarded the Cortland 444 Classic Peach Floating fly line the title of ‘Fly Line of the Millenium’ - a decision that very few in the fly fishing world would argue with!  Over the years, Cortland has pioneered many fly line innovations and they continue to make superb fly lines with many specialist fly fishing applications. An equally impressive range of coordinated fly fishing tackle such as fly rods, fly reels and accessories are highly desirable amongst all game fishermen.

Their 444 Classic Peach Floater has been and probably still is the standard by which all other floating fly lines are judged.

The 444 Classic Blue Intermediate fly line is almost as famous and it’s more recent 444 Camo version is definitely a candidate for ‘Intermediate fly line’ of the next millennium!

The Cortland 444 XP variants of these ‘classic’ fly lines have slightly longer heads and tapers having been specially designed by Cortland for the longer casting styles of UK Stillwater fly fishing. 

Cortland 444 Precision Ghost Tips are often the first choice of competition anglers in sub-surface tactics.  They are superb sink-tip floating lines with variable length ‘clear’ sinking tips which reduce wake when retrieving and are thus less likely to spook wary fish when nymph fishing.

The Cortland 444 Clear Creek fly line is specially designed for fishing on clear rivers and streams where delicate casting and accurate presentation is the order of the day for wild fish.  The unobtrusive Dark Olive colour adds to the camouflage role and so is perfect for UK chalk stream fly fishing.

Cortland’s range of ‘Classic’ and ‘Desire’ Fly Rods with their Classic Cassette Fly Reels are a superb complement to Cortland fly lines and their own Cortland Pro Line Cleaner will keep any of your fly lines in superb condition.

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