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Fly Fishing Rods

All fishing rods use the principle of a loaded spring which when released, enables a bait to be cast to the fish, with the same spring helping to control the subsequent hooking and landing of the fish.  Modern fly rods use modern man-made materials, normally Carbon Fibre, to achieve the slight and subtle variations in the stiffness or ‘power’ in the rod to suit the many different locations, conditions and fish species.

There are essentially Two different Types of Fly Rods:
The Single-Handed (SH) Fly Rod – usually from about 6ft to 10ft long, used primarily for catching small to medium sized fish, mostly in small to medium sized streams, rivers, lakes and creeks where the water conditions are relatively quiet and easy-going.  Also suitable for most saltwater fly fishing.
The Double-Handed (DH) Fly Rod – Usually associated with river Salmon fishing in the ‘Spey’ style. These rods are typically 12ft to 16ft long, have longer handles allowing both hands to be used and thus allow greater control over bigger fish.  Lighter AFTM Wt. versions from 10ft-13ft  referred to as ‘Switch Rods’, are becoming popular for trout and other smaller species.

The Strength or ‘power’ of a fly rod is essentially a guide to its relative ‘stiffness’.
This stiffness is rated in accordance with the AFTM # System which goes normally from #2 to #12.
SH - AFTM #2 - #6 rated rods would typically be used for 6ft -9ft, Stream/River fly rods
SH - AFTM #5 - #8 rated rods would typically be used for 8ft -10ft, River/Lake fly rods.
SH - AFTM #8 – #10 rated rods would typically be used for 9ft – 10ft, single-handed  Reservoir, Saltwater, Salmon or Pike/Predator fly rods.
DH - AFTM #7 - #11 rods would typically be for 12ft – 16ft D/H Salmon rods.

We list and supply a wide range of most of fly rods from leading brands such as Greys, Orvis, Wychwood, Cortland, Shakespeare and Airflo.

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