Fly Fishing Clothing and Footwear

Overtrousers and Bib n Braces

When the weather or conditions dictate, overtrousers or fishing bib and brace trousers become very desirable to stay comfortable, which in turn means you can stay fishing!

Usually worn in conjunction with waterproof jackets, overtrousers or fishing bib and brace trousers each have their place depending upon the seasons and what type of fly fishing you are engaged in. Fishing overtrousers tend to be just that - they are like normal waist high trousers, and don’t have any over-straps or braces. Usually made from either simple waterproof or shower resistant material, they can be treated a bit like an umbrella, in that they can be kept neatly folded in your tackle bag and if the weather suddenly changes, they can quickly and easily pull on over your normal trousers to add an instant water-resistant layer to keep you dry. To facilitate the ‘quick-change’, fishing overtrousers quite often have a simple elasticated waist with no actual pockets but sometimes with zipped or press-stud adjustable bottoms to make it easier to get on and off over your boots.  Fishing overtrousers are suitable for any type of bank or boat fishing, and especially useful in the latter as you should be sitting down when fly fishing from a boat, so the over trousers will help to keep the rain off and out of your horizontal thighs!

Fishing bib and brace trousers tend to be more often used in the colder months, and are more likely to be worn from the start and throughout your fishing session. As with the standard fishing overtrousers, fishing bib and brace are suitable for bank or boat fishing.  They normally incorporate full height zips from crotch to chest, a variety of ‘proper’ pockets and again, adjustable bottoms for ease of on and off. The braces can be permanently attaché or removable; the latter allow some models to transform into simpler overtrousers. If you do fish regularly throughout the year, it is definitely worth paying that bit extra for quality waterproof and breathable fishing bib and brace trousers incorporating a composite breathable and waterproof fabric, as well as an insulated lining for extra warmth.

Overtrousers and Bib n Braces
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