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Fly Fishing Vest from Yorkshire Game Angling

For many experienced fly fishermen, a fly fishing vest is even more important than a tackle bag (and a whole lot easier to move about!)

A good fly fishing vest or waistcoat becomes as good a friend as those favourite shoes or fishing boots. A tackle bag is all well and good if you tend to only fish in one spot, near your car at a Stillwater or lake like most coarse fishermen, since you can dump it on the bank next to you. Unlike coarse fisherman who use groundbait to bring their fish to them, fly fishermen mostly need to be on the move one way or another to find their quarry, and so a fly fishing vest as a ‘wearable tackle bag’ is a hugely better choice!  A well designed fly vest can be adequately fitted out to contain ALL you need for a full day’s game fishing, including your dinner! Most modern fly vests contain a wide range of sensibly placed pockets and pouches for the usual fly boxes, tippets & leaders, as well as ergonomically placed patches, D-rings and often built-in retractors. Priests, scissors, landing nets and the like can all be securely stowed but available for immediate action when needed. For those who get into the water and wade after the shyer species, there are many specialist shorter wading vests or even some designed with zip-off or fold-up bottoms to create shorter wading fly vests to keep their wearer and contents equally dry!

But what vest, and when? If you fish all the year round, you may require or desire two different fly vests. Firstly, a lightweight fly fishing vest for the warmer summer months. Often worn just with a shirt, a ‘summer’ fly fishing vest would often be about your correct chest size similar a loose shirt or jumper. However, we would always tend to suggest you choose one size larger than your normal size, owing to the tendancy for the circumference to magically get smaller when you have over-filled it slightly with all those extra flies and snacks you thought you needed! Secondly, a heavier fly vest is more desirable for the autumn/winter months and as you will most likely be wearing additional clothing, including a coat. As such, we recommend going two sizes larger than normal, since it will still allow it to fit outside your jacket, where it will be a whole lot more practical and accessible than hiding inside.

Fly Vests
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