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Trout Flies

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Trout Flies

We offer a huge range of trout flies for every trout fishing situation you are likely to encounter. The selection of trout flies available cover every form of Stillwater trout fishing from buzzers and nymphs for when the trout are taking natural flies beneath the surface, lures and blobs to annoy the fish, and a variety of emergers, cdc and hackled dries for when trout can be found feeding on the surface. We can personally guarantee the quality of the Lureflash flies that we offer as we have our own fly tying factory who quality check the flies to ensure they last all the fish that you will be catching with them.   With over a thousand different patterns available you will be sure to find what you are after and at 3 for £1 you can't go wrong!

Vast selection of 2,000 flies for fly fishing. Do you have a particular fly you love? Then buy it at Yorkshire Game Angling, trust the fly fishing experts