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Salmon, Sea Trout and Grayling

Fly fishing for salmon can be the most rewarding yet challenging form of fishing. Salmon flies have a massive role to play in enticing a salmon to take the fly. When salmon come in to the river to spawn the rarely feed and therefor can be hard to catch. The job of salmon flies are to present the salmon with something it can relate to when it did feed out at sea or can simply agitate the fish in to taking a correctly presented fly. Salmon flies come in a range of hook sizes, colours, weights and dressed size to cover a wide range of situations that you could face out on the river. Our recommendations are as follows, if the river is high and coloured your salmon flies should be of a larger variety and slightly heavier to get down in the current. Allies trebles are a good choice. If the river is at a lower level then use smaller salmon flies such as blue charms and editors in the smaller hook sizes we offer.  We can personally guarantee the quality of the Lureflash flies that we offer as we have our own fly tying factory who quality check the flies to ensure they last all the fish that you will be catching with them! 

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