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Fishing Flies

Fly Fishing Flies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Trout flies such as buzzers, nymphs and fry patterns are tied to represent specific naturals which can be found in our waters. As well as more imitative fishing flies we also offer larger, brighter lure patterns such as blobs, boobies and muddlers. These aren’t designed to look like anything specific but to agitate the trout into taking the fly and bring out the aggressive nature in them. Other trout flies for fly fishing include emergers, CDC and hackled dries to be used when fish are found taking natural insects from the water’s surface. Salmon, sea trout, carp , pike flies  predator flies are also available. Fishing flies, all in all, are the most essential part of the fly fisherman’s armoury and should be carefully selected with your chosen target species in mind.